May 13th, 2010 -- "Summer Time Fun"

On the sunny side of the waiting room, Miranda holds an old, dusty book up to her chest and squints at the soft and yellowed pages. In soft black lettering are some basic instructions, accompanied by small, little spot illustrations of kids at play, of dad's at grills and swimming pools with splashing water and pool toys. She looks to a small list bookended by a quick drawing of a seagull and a funny drawing of a snorkel mask. She brings the book closer to her face and reads.

Step 1:

Invite friends over for a party!

Step 2:

Apply suntan lotion and get a tan in the sun. Be safe!

Step 3:

Go to the local grocer and purchase some supplies. Buy ground beef, chips, soda, plates, and napkins. Buy a watermelon, too!

Step 4:

Have a party!

Miranda chuckles but takes the advice fairly seriously on such a nice day. She licks her finger and turns the page, noting a small note written in light pencil at the top of the page.

"Summer, 1999, a good one! Congrats!"

She looks up and wonders.


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