My sleeping schedule has been such that I've been going to sleep at 9PM and waking up at 5AM. I'm enjoying it, because it lets me paint at my favorite times without feeling like slime for sleep deprivation. The holidays are coming up. Buy my work!~



The last four days, in no particular order - including Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was great. I'm back to the grindstone with a bunch of stuff, this bit included. I'm full of leftovers. Mmm...

Sat at the Providence train station, sketching quickly a few things that were around me. Brought The Stand with me and tore through a chunk of it. I had nice clothes on, for a change. It felt pretty good.

Fell asleep at 7:30 at night. Weird.


Spent the weekend in New Jersey having myself an early Thanksgiving with some friends. Played all the way through Uncharted 2. Ate all the way through the White Rose System. Did not watch Snake Island. Smoked too many cigarettes. Life is crazy.


The sky was this awesome, medium-tone pink-orange for about two minutes this morning, as the sun started to rise. I ran quickly to grab my camera, but took too long to get the filter right to adequately capture the scene! At the very least, I got to take a mental picture. Brain powers...


I have this urge to go get some canvases at Utrecht, today - nothing too big, but canvases, or maybe some panel boxes, or something. I feel weird about going to a place that is going to be calling me for a phone interview some hours later, though. Hmmm...


Listening to some ska band from Gainesville, FL. Drawing mysterious comics. Watching the sky outside my window slowly intensify. Making plans for the future, sleepily. Exercising, thoughtlessly. Life is good.


Slow day. Called Utrecht yesterday to set up a phone interview for Thursday. The saga and fanciful optimism continues...!~


Spent the weekend working on a bunch of things. Did an exquisite corpse with the roommates, including a comic version. These are not that comic, but they are ones inspired by the process. I'm getting back into it. It was worth the wait!


Listening to Noam Chomsky interviews on youtube. Moving comp job stuff around in photoshop. Thinking about Rift. Thinking about winter. Thinking about tryptophan and leftovers.


Got a little crazy with this one, but I like crazy; and so do you. The future. Ohh...


Sadie, you got me! I'm being a doofus. No more of that. Here's one for you. I love these damn lines. Soon, though, it'll shift. Ohhh...


Went to Boston for the weekend, coincidentally scamming you out of a couple of days of this. You trusted me. I lied to you. I held up part of my end of the bargain, though! Look and keep looking...


Just had some pizza. I have now some lemon soda. Slow day.


Hanging out after what seems to've been a fairly impressive job interview (hours after the fact, of course). Wait, crap, I'm late with this one by some minutes. I'm the worst.


Just playing around to avoid a stint of dangerous, midday boredom, while eating the last of my Kit Kats. I like making up covers for washy ideas of graphic novels that probably won't ever exist. It calms my nerves and gives me ideas for future plans, anyways.

Interview tomorrow, early night tonight, etc.


Ended up cutting my hair, tonight. It looks pretty fun - all ragged and ultimately unused to not being completely weighted down by itself. There are all these little brown hairs on my stuff, though. You didn't have to know all of that, but now you do!

Excited for winter and cold weather, excited for the interview on Wednesday, definitely going later on tonight and grabbing some wood I saw on the street in some alleyway.

Not many Kit Kats left.


Hanging around after a relatively low-key and uneventful Halloween. Checking football stats. Eating Kit Kats. Drinking iced tea.