May 6th, 2010 -- "The Brute"

"Oh, this is just dreadful. Yes, this just won't do at all."

The iron tower brought his fists down hard on the concrete, smashing the thick slab into pebble. His day was ruined. Many times had he tried the carving and many times again had his efforts failed miserably. Sun glinted off of his smoothed and heavy face, and his face formed a frowning grimace with the sound of bending steel. At last frustrated and dismayed after a moments thought, he threw his tools in a fit of anger. His large, sharp knife slid into the dirt with an earthy "shuck!" and jet black oil began to vomit from the underground.

Still grumbling about his failed trying, the brute casually covered the bubbling spray with a cardboard box and called it a day. The box filled quickly and folded down into itself as it was carried down the street and away on the thick river of crude.

"I'll try again when I'm ready, I guess."

He kicked a chunk of pavement into a nearby car and stormed off.


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