*DOUBLE FEATURE* -- May 10th & May 11th, 2010

May 10th, 2010 -- "The Dreamy Dream of Weary Bethany"

The dirt steps that pass through the shade of the arbor course past a flat bench spotted by sunlight. The leaves in the trees bend and flip in the quick breeze. Her dress streams in a direction opposite to the wind as she is carried off into the sun. There is no work to be done. The dream is always the same.


May 11th, 2010 -- "The Destruction of 2800-A"

"I got him, sir! Look at this!!"

Drake held up the limp pile of metal and pulled a mess of important wires and relays from beneath the helmet with a few sprays of hot sparks. His fingers strained under the rim of the faceplate and he stumbled back a bit on his knees to brace against the weight of the thing's upper half.

"Can you believe this shit? Look at this!"

The battle had been long - too long, Major thought. They brought their sick light and their burning waves with a cold relentlessness, and the end result was much chaos and much casualty. His radio went bust after The Big One and his compass was mashed into the dirt somewhere under the behemoth. Major looked at Drake and nodded.

"You bet, son. You bet. Let's get moving."

Drake continued, with a peculiar kind of childishness, to play with the wires wrapped around his chem-gloves as he steadied that back of the thing against a large rock. He finally unraveled the mess to free his hand and got up to run back with the rest of the unit.

Major turned back for a moment and surveyed the land behind them. Charred.

This was only the beginning.


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Kenney said...

Bethany looks like some kind of twisted up Burtonesque Emma :)