*DOUBLE FEATURE* May 16th & 17th, 2010

May 17th, 2010 -- "Sammy and Monday"

Sammy looked down at his sleeves and thought about his clothes. His jacket, now loosely wrinkled and clinging to the higher joints of his body, laid threadbare and softened in parts. His tie, also wrinkled, was caught off to one side where his jacket pressed against his twisted shirt. His belt was a black-turned-brown; it was quite old. His shoes were old, flat. His hat was okay, he guessed.

It wasn't even eleven and he was thinking about the past.

Near him, a door opened to let the air back in.


May 16th, 2010 -- "The Last Meeting of The Friday Night Fright Club"

A branch broke and tumbled loudly to the pine needled ground in the dark, startling Curtis into a small leap.

Their eyes were huge and frantic in the flickering light of the flashlight, each set darting around the four-person circle in an attempt to rest on a courageous face among them. Stan blinked quickly at Emily. Curtis gulped and fetched Dan's squeamish glance, just as Emily breathed and batted her bangs away from her nose with a bright urgency. Dan looked at Stan. Stan looked at Curtis. Emily, with a look of desperate patience, leaned in at Dan. Stan looked at Dan. Dan signaled at Curtis. Emily waved at Curtis. Stan shrieked at Curtis, Emily dropped the flashlight, Dan fainted, and then Curtis was gone.

The club was thence disbanded as the remaining children scattered in the directions of their homes.


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