ONE PER DAY: April 30th, 2010 -- "Twenty Questions, with the answer being 'The United States'"

"Nah, forget it. Don't tell me."

His questions ranged. He started by asking about physical properties - size, shape, density, that kind of thing. Next was color, followed by smell and weight. Does it smell bad? Could it be considered heavy? He then went on to ask if he would even get it in the twenty questions allowed to him. He questioned if it was well-liked, if it was something everyone could use, if it was a permanent thing. He asked, in unacceptable question format, what the hell it could be.

"I can't answer that," the other said. "'Yes' or 'No' questions, remember."

"Man, whatever the hell it is, it isn't easy to figure out in twenty questions..."

Chris gave up, wrapped his arms around his shoulders and rested his head on his knees, his back exposed and burning in the sun.


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