April 28th, 2010 -- "A Distinguished Gentleman and His Lake Dreams"

On a cool evening in August, the bright pleasure cruiser comes to a slow, churning stop in the middle of the pond with the moon to the West.

This is it, he thinks. This is the spot. This is the spot and there could be anything down there in the murk. There could be anything and it could grab me, or it could be everything I've ever hoped for to comfort me. I can imagine it as anything in this place, because this is a place for dreaming. It could be a long-lost pirate ship stuck down there in the bubbling yuck of the green bottom. There could be money and gumption and promise in boxes. My future. My past. Something is down there.

With a million thoughts swirling in his head, the gentleman laid anchor down in the green gush of the lake's bed and retired to his cabin.

While he slept, his dreams danced in between the rays of moonlight caught in the debris of the lakewater. The morning would bring answers.


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