April 10th, 2010 -- "1:12 pm: the moment that Ms. Appleyard was incorrect"

1:11 pm.

"Listen, now, kids - hey, listen! I want all of you in your seats. Act civilized, you goons!"

The middle school teacher, with her horned-rimmed glasses resting glossily on the bridge of her nose nose, a flag pin stuck to her suit's lapel, with three rings gripping loosely to her bony, porcelain fingers, with a few minutes before the end of the day, clapped a couple of erasers together to get some smokey crowd control going for the ravenous rabble of preteen weirdos. A couple of brats in the front coughed superficially, as she laid the chalky pads to rest on the edge of the board's tray. A pencil whizzed by her head and clunked against the chalky black of the slateboard. She seemed to freeze her frame as she spun wildly in her fury on one heel.

"Now, you listen to me! You're all out of control! This is completely unacceptable behavior! If I need to keep you here until 7 o'clock, I'll march down to the phones and call your parents myself! I have all the time to do that! I will do that! I have all the time in the wor -- ..."


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awesome. awesome.