February 3rd, 2011 -- "3:44PM, Geranium observation #1, late winter, 2011"

"3:44PM, Geranium observation #1, late winter, 2011"

"Damp, white, red, pink petals chilling in a literal sense against a thin pane of storm glass. The natural press of a plants reach. Many chunky leaves with a fine, grown fur. Fine fur like a kiwi, like soft skin smelling like organic, chemical life. A miniature forest of lime green, the slender stems giving way near the base to rough casings of hard, bending, plant branches. The tray sitting wide with many planters, small boxes of black plastic, dusty with light brown potter's soil. Yellowing, dead leaves dropped flat in piles in the dirt. Dirt taking leaves to make them part of the system of the room. The sill covered in water spots. The watering can, an empty soda bottle. "


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