Standing on the sidewalk in the sun with a bucket full of cold, soapy water, I slogged the front windows of my work with the squeegee. The light from the setting sun caught the drops in the air as I shook off the waste water. I stared at my reflection as I worked without a jacket and thought about how a nice day like this in the winter is worth ten in the summer. Mmmm....


Something to note: I'm thinking of changing the format of this blog from being a one-per-day kind of thing to being something less scheduled. Rest assured with the knowledge that I do work consistently every day. I'm far from the standard definition of lazy, but it makes more sense to scan in large groups and do that...thing...where I just...update with a bunch of work.

Yeah, I'm doing that - watch for it. For those looking for a stated distinction between this and my other blog: I'll be updating amarathas.blogspot.com with plain news and things. This will be something altogether more personal, like many of the secret blogs and journals I keep.

Sharetime, 2010. Success.

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Joseph said...

Some of this stuff is starting to become reminiscent of picasso, i especially enjoy the one on top with the soul outlined in red. I say keep to the one per day, what better way to stay motivated to go with your intuition?